Can I update my brand logo & description?
Yes! And it’s super easy to do it directly from your account center.

Can I edit, update, or add new products?
Yes! We’re happy to work with you to manage your products. Reach out to brandsupport@microdosed.day to get started.

How does selling to customer work?
You can ship your product(s) to our warehouse where we will manage inventory, packaging, pick & pack, and fulfillment. In this model, we are responsible for all customer notifications, tracking, any damage or lost claims, and returns.
You can be notified when orders are received for your products, and you can ship directly to the customer. In this model, you are responsible for providing us a shipment tracking number, any damage or lost claims, and returns.

Is there a fee for selling? How much do you charge?
Yes, the fee structure is as listed below.
1. $0 – $9,999 in monthly gross sales: 10% of gross revenue
2. $10,000 – $99,999 in monthly gross sales: 5% of gross revenue
3. $100,000+ in monthly gross sales: 2.5% of gross revenue + $1 per order

When/how do I get paid?
We process payments on the 15th of each month for the prior month. Payouts are calculated as outlined below. Payments are made via ACH bank transfers.

Payout calculation:
Gross Revenue less Shipping Label Cost + Pick & Pack Fee + Packaging Cost + Refunds + Taxes Collected + Sellers Fee.

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